Buying and Redeeming FunnyMoney

You cannot buy it or redeem it. FunnyMoney can only be transacted on the website between registered members of the FunnyMoney community

What exactly is a FunnyMoney worth?

That is a great question. You see, in true economic theory, the value of a medium of exchange is actually determined by what you exchanged for it the last time you used it. For example, say you bought a pack of gum for a $1.00 yesterday. The value of a dollar would be the same today but if someone asked you for $2.00 for that same pack of gum today, well that would not make you happy, right? You would then have to decide what you valued more; the gum for the price of $2.00 or the value of something else that would cost the same $2.00.

What we thought would be best is if we just left the market to decide for itself but honestly we think .10 per FunnyMoney is a great place to start. The interesting thing is this: “If you do not value FunnyMoney at all then it is a worthless medium of exchange, but if you value it a lot, then it is worth its weight in gold”.

How can I earn FunnyMoney

Asking to be paid in FunnyMoney from a registered community member who has FunnyMoney is the only way

Ask your favorite YouTuber for it! If they do not offer it, ask them too.

Teachers (Getting great grades or acting in a positive and productive manner)

Parents (Doing choirs or other positive actions with your family)

Working (Helping friends and family with activities or small positive actions)

Earning FunnyMoney is limited only by your imagination and the desire to have it. Get yours today!

Can I make money with FunnyMoney as is the case with other digital currencies?

No. There is no market outside of FunnyMoney.com to purchase, earn or redeem FunnyMoney. FunnyMoney is what could be considered a ’True Digital Coin‘.

FunnyMoney does not belong to the family of digital currencies that are created or earned through digital mining or by other means on a block chain.

FunnyMoney considers itself a 'Digital Currency' or 'Crypto Currency' but does not want to be associated with any digital currency which lives on the block chain.

Can you sell FunnyMoney to another person outside of FunnyMoney.com for U.S. Currency?

No. FunnyMoney cannot be earned or redeemed outside of the FunnyMoney.com website and has nothing to do with U.S. Dollars.

FunnyMoney can only be exchanged between registered account holders of FunnyMoney.com.

How can I use FunnyMoney?

Limited only by your imagination

The exchange from one person to another is based on trust. If one person trusts the medium of exchange with a second person who also shows the same trust than an exchange is possible. The true magic happens when a third person enters the medium of exchange's triangle of trust.