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Exchange FunnyMoney for something you want.

Don't believe us?

Try this experiment with a friend: Grab something that you do not really care about but you know your friend does. Ask your friend how many FunnyMoney it will take to exchange for the object you do not want. Once you decide on the amount, log into, make the transfer and done.

More FunnyMoney Details

No, sadly you cannot.
FunnyMoney cannot be converted to offline currency.

Moving a medium of exchange should be simple, secure and most of all easy to understand. Earning, spending and transacting with a digital currency needs to be fun and stress free.

Limited only by your imagination!

Exchange FunnyMoney with your friends and family.

FunnyMoney can be used to purchase or exchange for just about anything between friends and family, or maybe even shop online with a soon to be participating merchant. Get started now!

Some more FunnyMoney details

Important Stuff!

FunnyMoney is fun and easy.
Playtime should include FunnyMoney so no using FunnyMoney for bad stuff.

Fun ways to earn FunnyMoney

Earn FunnyMoney by doing chores or getting great grades.

Exchanging FunnyMoney when you run out of the other stuff. Get yours now!.

Even more FunnyMoney details

Registration is easy.
Get your 10,000 now!

Each community member of FunnyMoney will receive once per life, 10,000 FunnyMoney upon registering. Total supply of FunnyMoney is represented by the total number of registered account holders multiplied by 10,000. You think we are like them? Nope, we are not! Even the founders of FunnyMoney only get 10,000. Rules are rules.

Everyone is doing it, so FunnyMoney can too.

A simple medium of exchange that is secure, stable and fun.


FunnyMoney is available as long as you have a basic smart phone connected to a data network.

Stable Value

FunnyMoney is guaranteed to remain stable. Our mission: zero tolerance for volatility.

Quick & Easy

FunnyMoney transactions are fast, secure and simple no matter where you are in the world.


FunnyMoney use has the potential to grow limited only by your imagination.


Double and triple security standards. Your FunnyMoney is safe and secure. Guaranteed!


Let us know if you are confused about this part.