Q & A

What exactly is FunnyMoney.com and FunnyMoney digital currency?

That is a great question and probably the most important one and that is why we decided to answer that first. Well, basically FunnyMoney.com is the website that you are going to use to transact all things related to the self-named digital currency: FunnyMoney. Now please be patient ok. We are still working on a lot of things. For example, all the different ways to earn and spend your FunnyMoney. We are working really hard to grow our community but nothing worth doing comes really easy, Right?

Remember, MOPI and soon many of your favorite youtubers are going to start offering FunnyMoney to help us grow our community but that is all a little bit of a secret at the moment. MOPI and all of us at FunnyMoney.com are so excited you are a part of the FunnyMoney.com community. This is going to be amazing so hang on...

...it's going to be a wild ride!

Is the rest of this page boring?

Yep. The questions and answers below are more for Mom and Dad. It probably would be a good idea to let them read it now. We promise it is not exciting. We do not even like reading it, but we have to, it's our job. Now that does not mean you can't read it, we just want you to know before hand. If you like that sort of stuff than keep reading, and of course, if you have any questions please contact us. There is no such thing as a bad question; only the one you do not ask.

Buying and Redeeming FunnyMoney

When you exchange U.S. Dollars for FunnyMoney, you will receive a 1:1 exchange. Redeeming FunnyMoney is the exact opposite transaction. For every FunnyMoney redeemed you will recieve a 1:1 exchange in U.S. Dollars.

How can I use FunnyMoney?

The exchange from one person to another is based on trust. If one person trusts the medium of exchange with a second person who also shows the same trust than an exchange is possible. The true magic happens when a third person enters the medium of exchange's triangle of trust. Exchanges such as these are limited only by your imagination.

How can I earn FunnyMoney

• Asking to be paid in FunnyMoney is always the easiest way
• Ask your favorite YouTuber for it!
• Currently taking surveys and coordinating with our advertising partners is another way to earn FunnyMoney.
• Teachers (Getting great grades or acting in a positive and productive manner)
• Parents (Doing choirs or other positive actions with your family)
• Working (Helping friends and family with activities or small positive actions)
• Rewards (Act in a positive manner and earn FunnyMoney)
• Earning FunnyMoney is limited only by your imagination and the desire to have it. Get yours today!

Is FunnyMoney available outside the U.S.?

No. FunnyMoney is currently only valid within the United States and can only be purchased or earned through an exchange or mechanism that involves the U.S. Dollar.

Can I make money with FunnyMoney as is the case with other digital currencies?

No. There is no market outside of FunnyMoney.com to purchase, earn or redeem FunnyMoney. FunnyMoney is what could is considered a ’True Digital Coin‘. FunnyMoney does not belong to the family of digital currencies thaqt are created or earned through digital mining or by other means on a block chain.
FunnyMoney considers itself a 'Digital Currency' or 'Crypto Currency' but does not want to be associated with any digital currency which lives on the block chain.

What happens with your U.S. Dollars after they are exchanged for FunnyMoney?

FunnyMoney.com will keep your money within the banking system in the form of an interest-bearing savings account and will post the bank account balance(s) on our website for full reserve transparency. FunnyMoney.com will have banking relationships where our accounts are held. Questions and concerns regarding full transparency can be addressed directly to our banking partners if needed. Most questions and answers as they come up will be listed on our website for account holders. FunnyMoney must be a crypto currency (Digital Medium of Exchange) with 100% fiat reserve to maintain fun and guaranteed secure transactions. These markers create stability and trust for those who choose to exchange FunnyMoney.

Can you sell FunnyMoney to another person outside of FunnyMoney.com for U.S. Currency?

No. At this time, FunnyMoney cannot be earned or redeemed outside of the FunnyMoney.com website and U.S. Dollars. FunnyMoney can only be exchanged between registered account holders of FunnyMoney.com.